Miscellaneous Lesson #1
"Website Aesthetics"
The affect of color on a person is something often ignored. Color is interpreted differently across cultures so it's very important that you consider your audience before creating your design.

Color Interpretations:
Black: Most cultures have a negative view of this color because of its association with death or general "bad feelings."
Blue: Considered a universally safe color as it has a positive connotation in most cultures.
Green: It has a positive connotation everywhere except China.
Orange: The color of Autumn in western cultures. It mainly has a positive connotation.
Purple: Associated with royalty in the Western World.
Red: To the Chinese this is a lucky color and brides wear this color when they're married. In the West it's the color of strong emotion such as passion.
White: In the Eastern World it's the color of death. In the West it's the color of purity.
Yellow: In Egypt it's the color of mourning, in the West it's the color of caution and of a coward.

Color Value Formatting:
There are three ways to format color values in HTML and CSS: by name, by Hexadecimal, or by RGB.

Color Schemes and General Designing:
These are a few basic things you should know about designing a site that is pleasing to the eye. For assistance with color schemes you can visit one of these two sites: Color Scheme Generator and StrangeBanana Color Scheme and Layout Randomizer.

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