Misty Steel

This is the Xena & Gabrielle section of Enduring Devotion. The "mist" represents Gabrielle's misty green eyes while the "steel" represents Xena's strong will and her prowess with the longsword.

A few of these fanfics have an NC-17 rating. I'll mark these as *adult* so you know. Other special information will be noted as well.

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    - The Athenaeum: Probably the largest Xena: Warrior Princess fanfic archive on the Internet. It has an enormous collection of Xena/Gabrielle stories as well as Uber stories.
    - The Royal Academy of Bards: Contains a respectable amount of Xena/Gabrielle fanfics.
    - Tom's Xena Fanfiction Archive: A smaller, older fanfiction archive that has good fanfiction.