Sub/Rec Information

The rules are few, but important.

1) Only fanfics that positively portray each couple will be considered. That's not to say that you can't submit or recommend a non-con or dark fic, however. You can as long as the couple gets past the conflicts in the end.

2) The couple whose page you're submitting to has to be either the main couple of the fanfic or one of the main couples.

3) Proofread or have someone else proofread your fanfic before submitting. If you're recommending someone else's work, please don't send me fanfics with a lot of errors.

4) Only fanfiction websites that have a significant amount of fanfics for the couple whose page you're submitting to will be considered. Likewise, only couple shrines that have a significant amount of content will be considered.

In the end, the final decision is up to me. Since this is a mini-site for my favorite couples (and fanfics), you're going to have to impress me. I suggest you read some of the fics already up to see what kinds of stories I like. (Hint: I'm more likely to read a long story than a short one [unless it's humor].) When it comes to websites, however, I'm not nearly as picky so this may be a better route to take.

Please e-mail your submissions or recommendations to me. If you can, please give me the URL of your fanfic instead of attaching it.