Cobalt Death

This is the Heero Yuy & Duo Maxwell section of Enduring Devotion. The color scheme represents Heero's eye color and Duo's self-proclaimed status of Shinigami (the God of Death).

Many of these fanfics have an NC-17 rating. I'll mark these as *adult* so you know. Other special information will be noted as well.

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    - Gundam Wing Addiction: A large archive of quality Gundam Wing fanfiction. There are quite a few Heero/Duo fanfics.
    - The Vault: Ashkara's personal Gundam Wing fanfiction site. She has a lot of really good Heero/Duo fanfics.
    - The Vault: Star Spangle Mistress has more than just Gundam Wing fanfics but this fandom makes up most of the site.