Introduction Page

Hello and welcome to my mini-site dedicated to my favorite couples. I chose to only have gay or lesbian couples showcased here because, despite the damaging myths that societies perpetuate, it is possible for two males or two females to have a lasting -- and loving -- relationship.

Here's the couple line-up:

- Son Goku & Vegeta-ouji from my favorite anime Dragon Ball Z.
- Heero Yuy & Duo Maxwell from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.
- Uesugi Eiri & Shindou Shuichi from the shounen ai favorite Gravitation.
- Uesugi Tatsuha & Sakuma Ryuichi, also from Gravitation.
- Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy from the famous book series Harry Potter.
- Brian Kinney & Justin Taylor from the Showtime series Queer As Folk.
- Xena & Gabrielle from the fantasy series Xena: Warrior Princess.

Have fun!

(October 07, 2007: I'm going to redo the layout for this mini-site soon. And, yes, I will have images of the couples. :))

Mini-Site Statistics

- Goku/Vegeta: 9 fanfics, 2 websites.
- Heero/Duo: 32 fanfics, 3 websites.
- Eiri/Shuichi: 3 fanfics, 1 website.
- Tatsuha/Ryuichi: 1 fanfic, 0 websites.
- Harry/Draco: 46 fanfics, 3 websites.
- Brian/Justin: 52 fanfics, 2 websites.
- Xena/Gabrielle: 7 fanfics, 3 websites.

Content Key

*adult* = moderately graphic to very graphic sexual content
A/U = alternate universe
BDSM = bondage, domination, submission, masochism (not necessarily all are included)
Dark = large amounts of psychological or physical distress
IC = incomplete (individual story or entire series)
Mpreg = male pregnancy
Non-con = non-consensual sex that's outside of the couple or within the couple for an unavoidable reason

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